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District Closed

The DoDEA Europe, Heidelberg District has closed as of the end of school year 2012 - 2013. Enduring school web sites have been moved to their districts which they now reside.

The site will redirect to the DoDEA Europe home page if a selection from the left navigation is not chosen in five minutes.

DoDEA Europe Press Release Excerpt

With Heidelberg closure, DoDDS-Europe will reduce number of districts to four

"Responsibility for the management of the eight Wiesbaden and Stuttgart schools, which have operated under the authority of the Superintendent, Heidelberg District, will be transferred to the Superintendents of the Kaiserslautern and Bavaria Districts.

The four Wiesbaden schools - Aukamm and Hainerberg Elementary Schools, Wiesbaden Middle School and General H.H. Arnold High School will report to the Kaiserslautern District Superintendent, Dr. Dell McMullen.

The four Stuttgart schools - Boeblingen and Robinson Barracks Elementary/Middle Schools, Patch Elementary School and Patch High Schools will transfer to the Bavaria District, led by Dr. Elizabeth Dunham."



Last Updated 07/23/2013

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